iTango 2020 – Talent!

David Chester, Worcester, MA – DJ

David DJs at milongas and festivals across New England and beyond, playing his carefully crafted tandas. His favorite songs are the emotional songs that touch your soul, and are full of longing, such as some by Tanturi, D’Agostino, Demare, and Laurenz. However, he plays a wide variety of tango songs, from rhythmic songs such as D’Arienzo and Canaro, to lyrical songs like Calo and Di Sarli, through more dynamic ones like Pugliese. He has also been known to play an alternative tanda when it fits the crowd. His goal is for every tanda to be someone’s favorite, and is truly satisfied when people leave tired, from dancing all night.

Koichiro Suzuki, Japan – DJ

Koichiro incorporates his complex music background and deep understanding of musicality into his DJing. Koichiro DJs regularly in Pittsburgh, PA and has DJed in other cities in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Cyprus. Additionally, Koichiro was invited to DJ at the Toronto Tango Marathon, Columbus Tango Festival, New Orleans Tango Festival, Toronto Tango Festival, Ithaca Tango Marathon, Windy City Tango Festival, Athen Tango Marathon in 2020 and planning to travel and DJ in Argentina, Europe and Japan.

Randy Fisher, Detroit, MI – DJ

Our famous Waterfall milonga!!
Randy from Detroit has been involved in tango in many capacities through the decades and he loves the music and the culture. Randy is a DJ that loves observing the crowd and tailoring music to fit the occasion. Randy believes like tango the dance is improvisational as should be the music to fit the level and taste of crowd. Safe has its place but harmonic growth is a thing and he loves tradition in all of its shapes.

Robin Graeme Thomas, New York, NY – DJ

When Robin came back from his first trip to Buenos Aires 16 years ago, he realized that if he wanted to continue to dance tango every night, he would have to find a way to attend milongas for free. At the time, the concept of a tango DJ didn’t exist. Organizer’s would put on a CD, and often it would repeat to span the length of the milonga. Robin wanted to play music as he had heard it in Buenos Aires: in tandas of tango, vals, and milonga with cortinas in between. He began to DJ doing exactly that, despite being told not to play cortinas as people would dance to them. Initially some people did dance to the cortinas, but Robin persisted until this format became the standard. Over the next 10 years, he was invited to DJ in D.C., L.A., Denver, Portland, Miami, and some of the biggest festivals in North America, as well as, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. Robin currently runs Nocturne in NYC, one of the largest monthly milongas in the US, and until recently the legendary RoKo, which was the largest weekly milonga in the USP.

Semeon Kukormin, Russia – DJ

For the past 5 years, Semeon is the most popular Russian DJ in the world. During this period he has played music at over 400 international events and milongas. He is a resident of many European festivals and marathons.
– In the first 5 years of his dj activity, he has played at 500 milongas.
– Author of a training course for DJs. Seminars were held in Russia and abroad more than 50 times.

Valentin Kuznetsov, Ithaca, NY – DJ

Valentin has many years of tango experience. For him Tango is a way of life full of creativity and expressiveness. Therefore his approach to DJing is to create an unique atmosphere on a dance floor by carefully selecting golden hits and uncovers charming tango tracks suitable for every style. While progressing through his tango life he has had the chance to observe and learn from DJs around the globe, participated in various DJ discussion groups and constantly discovering new tango tunes. Valentin DJed at different venues in US, Canada and Europe and he tries to make every event full of memories, filled with beautiful tandas.

Wendy Hu, Toronto, Ontario – DJ

Wendy has always been intrigued by the wide array of emotions classical tango can convey, from uplifting and romantic, to playful and melodic. To evoke these emotions during her sets, she likes to play famous classical tango from the mid 30s to late 50s, while keeping it fun with a tanda or two of the contemporary jewels.
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