iTango 2019 – Transportation


Flights are available to Ithaca directly, but sometimes it is more economical to fly to:

  • Syracuse or Elmira or Binghamton airports (less than an hour ride to Ithaca). From Syracuse, you can buy your bus ticket from the Syracuse airport to Ithaca bus Station for $13-$16 on  Trailways.
    You can use Uber. There will be a lot of dancers arriving through Syracuse and you can share an Uber (please post on our FB event page for a ride)
  • Rochester airport (2 hours ride from Ithaca).

Dancers from Syracuse, Buffalo, Toronto, New York and Montreal tango communities are very nice and friendly – they offer shared rides for iTango dancers (please post on our FB event page for a ride).

Ground transportation:

Notes on Getting to iTango 2019 (courtesy of Wolfgang Sachse):

Possibly the most convenient and least expensive way to reach Ithaca, the home of iTango 2019, is via car or a rideshare. The drive to this town is really beautiful at this time of year. But there are also reasonably good public transportation options.

>> From New York City:

There are numerous buses operating from NYC Port Authority and various stops in Ithaca and many also stop on the Cornell campus. The closest bus stop to Alice Cook House is the bus stop at West Campus. Alice Cook House is part of the West Campus housing complex. If you get off the bus in downtown Ithaca (Short Line, 131 E Green Street), you’ll need to catch an Uber/Lyft or a taxi (about $9).

An excellent compilation of all the bus possibilities with times and prices can be found on the WEB site . . .…/…/us-ny/ithaca/us-ny/new-york/…

This compilation includes the schedules offered by:
Short Line, Greyhound, Trailways, and OurBus. Pricing depends on the day and time of day with a cheapest average price of $50.47.

>> From Syracuse Airport (SYR), 59 miles to Alice Cook House:

NOTE: On the Ithaca Tango Marathon 2019 facebook site are several offers of rides from SYR to Alice Cook House. Check them out! These are updated as we learn of rideshare offers.
Then there are the commercial available options which are listed on the WEB site . . .…/Cornell-University

UberX at $80 and the Ithaca Airport Limosine (scheduled once/hour) at $90/one-way or $140/round-trip are pricey options.
There is a bus option leaving the airport at 4:05 pm daily and taking you to the Syracuse Bus Terminal from where you will catch the bus to Ithaca, NY, the local buses/taxi. Cost: $35-$47. Total time: About 3 hrs includes 1+ hour layover in the Syracuse Bus Terminal.

Ride-sharing and a car rental at SYR to Ithaca and return are probably the best options to consider.

>> From Ithaca Airport (ITH), 3 miles to Alice Cook House:

The best way to get to Alice Cook House from the Ithaca airport is via Uber/Lyft or a taxi (about $13).

>> From Other Locations:

For ways of getting to Ithaca from other locations please pm me and I will try to help you as best I can. . Thank you.

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