iTango 2019 – Accommodations


There are several  options available:

Campus dorms: You will stay right on the Campus and can share your room with other dancers. Shared rooms start at $58 per night per night. You can book your room here: 2019 iTango Housing, the booking will be closed on June 6, 2019

If you’re looking for something more adventurous than a dorm, we have a new option!
At the iTango Marathon, you’ll have the opportunity to stay at a campground. Both cabin and tent options are available, and showers are on site. There’s even a swimming pool! You can share campsites with other dancers. Sites start at $34/night. The Firelight campground is 10 minutes from our venue, and Pinecreek and Spruce Row campgrounds are 15-20 min.
Pincreek –
Spruce Row –
Firelights –

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