iTango 2018 – Transportation


Flights are available to Ithaca directly, but sometimes it is more economical to fly to:

  • Syracuse or Elmira or Binghamton airports (less than an hour ride to Ithaca). From Syracuse, you can buy your bus ticket from the Syracuse airport to Ithaca bus Station for $13-$16 on  Trailways.
    You can use Uber. There will be a lot of dancers arriving through Syracuse and you can share an Uber (please post on our FB event page for a ride)
  • Rochester airport (2 hours ride from Ithaca).

Dancers from Syracuse, Buffalo, Toronto, New York and Montreal tango communities are very nice and friendly – they offer shared rides for iTango dancers (please post on our FB event page for a ride).

Ground transportation is easily accessible:

From New York:

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