iTango 2018 – Talent!

Performance by Maxi Copello and Raquel Makow is during Saturday Evening Milonga

Maxi Copello and Raquel Makow Teach and Perform at iTango2018!!!!!!

Maxi Copello was born breathing Tango. In his childhood he would accompany his father to the theater, seated in the lighting booth watching each show with awe and admiration. At one point in his life, the curiosity or his genes won him over and Tango became his biggest passion. Since then he has directed and acted in Tango movies and has traveled the world teaching and dancing tango.

Raquel Makow, born in San Francisco, California with a father from Buenos Aires and a mother from New York, began dancing at 10 years old. Dance was always something natural and essential in her life. She went on to win international titles in Ballroom competitions and danced in well-known Ballroom shows in different theaters throughout the world. However, it was at the age of 15 that she discovered her true passion in Tango and later on in 2013 that she moved to Buenos Aires to pursue her new dream.

Our DJ

DJ Alejandro Cortese from Ithaca, NY:

alejandro cortese 3

DJ Angel Montero from Atlanta, Georgia:


DJ Avik Basu from Ann Arbor, MI:

avik basu

DJ Ira Goldstein from Ithaca, NY:

Ira Goldstein 1.jpg

DJ Koichiro Suzuki from Pittsburg, PA:

Koichiro Suzuki 1

DJ Max Stasi from Milan, Italy:

Max Stasi 1

DJ Robin Graeme Thomas from New York, NY:



DJ Valentin Kuznetsov from Ithaca, NY:



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